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Panther Academy wants to welcome you to a new school year and a brand new web space for the Panther Academy community. Panther Academy replaces its decade-old website with a new web and eLearning platform that will bring our schools, students and teachers to forefront of the 21st century.

Panther Academy is where students become “College and/or Career Ready!"

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year at Panther Academy! We are excited about having your child at Panther Academy and look forward to working together.  Alternative Education in Florence School District 3 will include several programs this year.  The programs include: Panther CHOICE Academy, Panther RESET Academy and Panther PRIDE Academy.  Panther CHOICE Academy is designed to increase graduation rates of students who may have fallen behind in credit earnings. Students enrolling in Panther CHOICE academy must be in grades 9-12 and will create strategic career goals to obtain upon their high school graduation date.  Panther RESET Academy is designed to provide students an opportunity to rebound from previous incidents.  Students will focus on social emotional learning, community service involvement, field trip experiences, mentoring programs, soft skills development and self-resilience.   Likewise, Panther PRIDE academy will focus on goals related to social and emotional development, community service involvement, field trip experiences, mentoring programs and coping skills.  These areas of support will support our academic curriculums and educational systems.   Our goal for this school year is “to maintain a safe, clean, orderly teaching/learning environment where students, staff and parents are actively involved in the learning process.” 

Listed below are several programs initiatives that we want to share with you:

  • Parenting Partners – Parents will be required to attend workshops and celebrations related to their child’s academic development and achievement.
  • Community Service – All students will be required to participate in at least 5 hours of community service activities during a 45 day period. Our academies are seeking opportunities to promote student development through service opportunities.
  • Community Support – Panther Academy will partner with numerous community entities as we seek captivating support.
  • Mentoring Programs – All students will have adult advocates who support their daily well-being while at school. Additionally, students will be required to participate and attend quarterly convocations along with other students throughout the school district.
  • Trauma/Social Emotional Awareness – Students will be able to participate in individual and group sessions facilitated by professional consulting groups. Areas of focus include: trauma, social, behavioral and emotional education.
  • Dress CODE – All students attending Panther Academy will wear specific dress attire. The attire includes: khakis or jeans with no holes, specific colored polo shirts (PRIDE-black, gold, red, orange, blue or white), (RESET and CHOICE – royal blue, black or white).Students will be provided a polo shirt with the program’s logo displayed on the front. All students will wear their polo shirt with the logo for specific events, ceremonies or celebrations. Your child being well groomed is an essential component as we strive to promote academic, social and appropriate behaviors. As a reminder, clothing should not be distraction to the learning environment. There should be no sagging, dragging or bagging of pants.


Participating in alternative education programs is an opportunity to reclaim educational opportunities and rebound from previous incidents.  Additionally, students can accelerate credit earnings while receiving a rigorous curriculum.   We need you to work with us as we prepare your child for the future that awaits them.  Being on time, well-groomed and having a positive hard working attitude are qualities we want our children to have as they prepare for their future endeavors. We want you to be proud of your child’s educational experience at Panther Academy. Please call me or any staff member if you have questions, concerns or suggestions.  Our doors are always open to serve you.  Let’s have great year!!




Ned Blake, Director of Alternative Education